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Most people aren't aware who their elected officials are. Trust me they don't make it easy for you to know either. Between crazy maps and even crazier borders, the LESS YOU KNOW the MORE POWER they have. It's time to know who they are and decide if they are representing you correctly or if it's time #votethemout.

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Who are my Florida elected officials?


I am running for State Representative of District 103 

My goal is to represent you, our children and our community in Tallahassee. It's time to win the majority and demand true and honest representation. The same party has had control in our state since 1998. They've had majority rule and all of the POWER over the Florida Senate and Florida House of Representatives for 20 years. The same interests. The same voting records. The same INACTION on things that matter the most. And we wonder why nothing changes!

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On August 28th Let's Stand Together and Demand Change!


Click Here to Download a PDF Map of District 103.