Here are the things I care most about:



This includes a ban on assault rifles! Weapons of war have no place in our civilized society, plain and simple. I support not only universal background checks but the adequate funding for the information to be correct and accurate.  Loopholes, loopholes and more loopholes! Let's CLOSE THEM by ENFORCING existing laws that have resulted in guns in the wrong hands TIME and TIME AGAIN. 


Year after year education budgets have been slashed. Miami-Dade and Broward County schools are growing and yet they are DENIED ADEQUATE FUNDING while profits are being made by private institutions. Our teachers are making less and expected to do more. We say we care about our children but we cut the FUNDING THAT HELPS THEM BUILD A BRIGHTER FUTURE. I am a PROUD graduate of the public school system and it's time we all stand up for our children, their teachers and their education. 


One of the perks of living in South Florida is the proximity to beaches. We have beautiful oceans but there are dangers on the horizon. The rise in sea levels is happening whether or not we choose to believe it. Contaminants are finding their way into our oceans and drinking water while our "elected officials" stand by and vote in favor of corporations. When will they be held accountable? When will they vote in OUR favor? When will they vote in favor of CLEAN WATER? How about the daily man-made earthquakes that we are living through in Northwest Dade and Southwest Broward? The mine blasting occurring off of I-75 is disrupting residents’ quality of life and ruining homes in Miramar, Miami Lakes and surrounding areas. What are our "elected officials" doing about it? NOT ENOUGH!

And here’s what I want:


I want to win District 103 because MY VOICE MATTERS—AND SO DOES YOURS. Enough with the same 'ole same 'ole. It's time for change in my hometown and in our State of Florida.



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